NY 🏝 Islanders vs. Dallas ⭐️ Stars

Yeah, We couldn’t miss game against Dallas! Natalie’s favorite player in town!

Running little late!

Tonight is the Hockey fight Cancer night. First time I see so many people on warm up!

We are seating pretty close.

Forgive my terrible look 👀,I’m suffering from allergy, my eyes is so itchy, plus sinus!

Robert Mondavi Chardonnay helps me tolerate assholes on the game. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Why is so many of them today?!

Lovely Dallas fans here!

Common boys! Pull yourself together!

Nothing worse than, drunk, loud yelling and speaking, bothering players, fans. They also get up like they don’t see anything! You are on the first row, ass 🤡 clown!

Mr. Dreamy trying to be inconspicuous

Natalie is happy to wink his attention lol it’s just for fun… nothing else! We are fan of the game not puck bunnies!

Dallas won this time 2-6

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