Wine 🍷 dream

Did you ever dream about something, like in the future you’ll do something when time is right? And than you look around to see reality and understand that particular something, you keep dreaming will probably never happen or maybe will happen but not fit for present time.

Grapes, Vineyards , wine, wineries… I was born to it and used to hate to help in vineyard from very little age. In the Spring you pick up vines from the ground and attaching it to the trellis and two more time while vines grows bigger during the summer – oh, those hot under the scorching sun time for freedom wanted teenager… 😁

For more read here.

So after awhile I started to think that maybe someday I will get myself a little piece of land where I can grow grape and even could make my own wine! Wow, right?!

Oh , well I was just a dream up until I saw real grape not wild one hanging from the peach tree that your neighbor planted in the corner and now i have a huge branches over my backyard to deal with. I decided to leave it just to see what kind of grape is that . First I thought Isabela but it’s definitely far reach to be Isabela!

Wait I thought since it’s a lot and it’s not really pleasant to eat I could probably try and make it wine!

So I did it! Now we’ll wait for 4 days to brew before I’ll put it in bottles for next process.

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