100 Days till Hockey.

Hockey withdrawals depression is real. It changes you. Somehow I envy people who have ability to switch themselves on other sports. I can’t do it. Just can’t.

In the news it says 100 day until season will start. Huh? It feels like eternity. No, seriously how people could do another sports? Soccer? – hell no! I wish somebody could’ve convinced me that baseball is interesting and golf is not boring.

Even worse, how players could watch another sport and be passionate about that? This is real dilemma for me.

I’m not really interesting in Draft news, just curious to know who’s First one and that’s it. Am I bad hockey fan? I’m very anxious to find out if my favorite players safe and resigned though.

The whole situation about Tavares somehow leaves me untouched. I don’t think he will go anywhere, just creating a lots of waves that affect everyone around.

Last season complete my prediction about everyone. Las Vegas Golden Knight and William Karlson justified my long time beliefs in his talent. Washington Capital won Stanley Cup just as I put that in bracket. Devils was on top of their game and freaking Brazal took his rookie of the Year trophy. Obviously I’m not big fan of him, i will explain it later why but anyway, he got it just as I predicted.

I don’t think I’m ready to say for anything this upcoming season but I’m sure I have warm feelings for Philadelphia Flyers.

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