Awesome time on Jim Thorpe bike trail

Heat wave has nothing on us! Me and my cousin Natalie went all 28 miles away! All the way! Luckily, most of the bike road is shaded and we didn’t feel much of the heat.

Originally we didn’t plan to make it all the way up from White Heaven to Jim Thorpe town but we missed road sign and out of excitement didn’t feel that we tired at all. Somehow we’re managed to convinced ourselves that 15 Miles should’ve shown affect on our body and we proceeded to go further. We’re realized that we actually close to the final destination when we crossed familiar railroad. By that time our butts also realized that we probably shouldn’t be that excited 😊. Bike seat could do some damages, and when people saying something about pain in the butt, they are probably referring bike seat.

Our 28 Miles were happy accident. Not everyone had the same that day, when we are reached Glen Onoko Fall – we saw rescue operation- Someone was seriously injuring by falling from waterfalls. I wonder how people unnecessarily risked their lives without precociously consider that simple look from the top could end up badly and not worth it?

We also have mishap with our Go Pro yet again. Last time we were used it on our trip to Yellowstone and end up with 13000 pitch black images… 🧐 We thought … well, maybe we are going to use iPhone for now. Today was another attempt to shoot with GoPro and I could proudly say, we are outdid ourselves! 15000 burst mode pictures… how? I even … I bet Natalie decided to learn more about GoPro process , she seems pretty determined now. 😆

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