Keep moving forward

” I used think about my sexless life after 29 years together as non-punishment, in return I have my best friend. Friend that I could trust my life with, we shared our lives, interests, memories, love. I don’t have that option anymore.

His consistency and progression of demonizing me is very sad. I don’t blame him for it, it’s his life. Not ours anymore. I simply accept it. If he decides his reasons, let him be” from friend confession.

My understanding we all have our flows and our problems, but good relationships when you are not emphasizing your partners fault and thrive on it, but balancing with his/her good side, you are forgiving and forgetting. That’s how you compromise and find mutual understanding.

Hate is killing everything around, like cancer, killing hope. Hope for future, hope to find common ground.

There is not much you can take without limitations, there is a point of no return. Step by step, you start to see how resentful your partner becomes, how constantly he changes your perspective and belittling your personality, poisoning you with insignificance. He becomes a stranger and at some point, unknowingly but intenitionally unmercifully crossed that point of no return, when you can forget but not forgive.

He stated his verdict without consideration that You might have your own, and that Might is more powerful that he and his righteous mind would have ever imagined.

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