Hoboken time

Unexpectedly, had unplanned time to spend. Where should we go?! From time to time we saw interesting posts and pictures from Hoboken. Seemed nice place to hangout with friends, finally we (me and my cousin Natalie) asked some guy we’re know: Where is this place? He said – it’s Pier 13. Surprise, surprise… we’re never been in Hoboken. Jumped in the car and went through Staten Island because those tunnels and so-called short way to NJ, sounds good- never works! Last time we’re spent in the car three hours between two streets waiting to get into Lincoln Tunnel… ughhh! It’s still still gives me anxiety, just to think about it!

Again, we did surprise ourselves by didn’t make any wrong turns and ended in the port or something (happened not once) but came straight to the Pier 13!

Here we are! We are sure it’s not Kansas anymore,!

it’s sure fun and pretty colorful place to be!

Familiar Food Track with lobster rolls goodies. Temptation won!

First time we meet this food track on Jones Beach Nikon Theatre, when we enjoyed Z100 concert! Lobster roll was our favorite!

Seriously! What could be better than lobster roll!

Hair in braids have real purpose 😄 It keeps hair under control. Humidity makes them look like a 🦁lion manes !

Sunset makes everything looks beautiful

Sun reflects on the building’s glass and creates magnificent light way on the water! Just fantastic!

Sometimes choices of drinks 🍸 🍹🍷 are not up to our standards but we’re managed just fine 😉

Pretty decent drink 😉 Btw, Beware of drinking Sparkling wine with straw… it makes you…very Babe!

Enjoy the view, because we’re certainly did and we will definitely planning return back for more.

PS. One more things, is rompers becomes girls summer uniforms? Should we buy ones too? It looks like every other girl wears them…

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