National Tattoo Day

I always wanted to have a tattoo. Always excused myself because I thought I would eventually will grow tired of that. And what would my parents say, and what if…lots of IF.

I wanted my tattoo to have a deep meaning for me. I did some research about my ancestral Scythian tribal tattoos and I since I wanted it be significant for me, I choose Capricorn, my zodiac sign. I decided to ink my ankle with that.

To just make sure, I wouldn’t regret in the future, I gave myself a year to get use to it and be confident that I still want it!

As an artist, you are often unsatisfied with something that you liked before. I’m not exemption. Today I like my work and tomorrow I will think it’s terrible. It happened. And this is the only reason I procrastinated with tattoo.

Year passed and I wanted this tattoo even more than before. I convinced myself this is one and only tattoo I will get.

I even tried to convince my already inked friends, that my first tattoo would be my last one.

I stepped out of the tattoo salon with pride. I did it. It makes me feel sexy.

My second tattoo didn’t wait a year. It’s kind of universal knowledge, once you have one tattoo, second and third will follow, In my case forth, and fifth too. Now I’m confident – new one will come soon.

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