Over the Moon

I don’t mean to be rude but seriously, those images with the Moon manipulation are driving me crazy. How could it be that many people are always happy about simple deception? My fellow photographers, I admire your photoshop skills but if you don’t indicate anywhere that the picture is a product of your artful imagination, you are simply misleading the viewers! I’m sure you assume that people would understand your craft but in reality thousands likes and comments on Instagram show that people don’t get it 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Don’t you guys have a common sense? How many times did you see the moon on the night sky? I bet a lot! How many times did you try to take a nice picture of the beautiful moon with your IPhone or any other camera? I’m sure not once! Do you remember your result? Blurry, double vision light spot? Exactly like on this picture that the same photographer posted on his Twitter post.

Or did you ever see the Moon big like that over the city? No, you didn’t! So why do you think others would be magically see it differently?

You could probable say: Oh! It must be the camera! And you are right, the camera with Telephoto Lens will capture the beauty of the moon as close as possible but the Moon only.

Not the city or anything else around. Then you take that moon, use IPhone application or any other software and edit it over the city. Adjust hue to bring more red color to it! Boom! You have the Bloody Moon masterpiece!

I know people would argue over this statement, I don’t have to go to far. A very good friend of mine who has graduated from Sorbonne University still is trying to convince me that it’s possible to see the Moon that close to the Earth by showing me the same pictures from the internet!

Amazing, isn’t it? I bet a flying unicorn should be somewhere up there too! Google it if you are curious enough.

In case of my “love to be deceived” friend, I’m making Moon Pictures now and then only for her entertainment. Like so –

Or so…

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