Alchemy of Essence

I’m not sure if I’m qualified to call myself a perfume connoisseur but most definitely I was blessed with the discerning nose. Should I call myself an aficionado?

I love to be seduced by unique and complex fragrances with hardly recognizable notes. At the same time, I embrace alchemy of familiar fragrances that contemplate a blend of magical concoction, The Perfume I would fall in love with and would wear it daily or occasionally.

Love to match my mood with perfume and this is how I create my memories. If I have an opportunity, I also buy perfume while I’m on a traveling adventure in a new city. It helps to create invisible bond with the place.

I have perfume that reminds me of a stroll through the streets of Boston, lush greenery of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, beaches of Fort Lauderdale and freedom of Las Vegas.

For awhile I called myself a perfume freak. Sometimes I would love fragrance right away and after a day or even hours it becomes so annoyingly nauseating so I can’t stand this fragrance anymore. For example, I love fragrance of Irises and absolutely cannot stand it in perfume. The same is with orchids.

I won’t be talking about store fragrances. I call them so because the smell is all the same. They are usually forced by sales persons to be splashed on you once you stepped in to the store.

I love unique fragrance, the one you won’t see everywhere, hard to find kind, directly from perfumers, etc. I would call them boutique perfume as they are only sold in specialized boutiques.

As you would probably guess, I have an expanded perfume collection. That is why all my reviews are based only on what I personally have in that collection. As a hobby I love to create and present my own editorial photo rendition. Just for myself or maybe for you as well if you like it.

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