Hiking accident with camera.

Almost had a heart attack today. On the way to the car from hiking trip, with my dogs 🐶 I decided that I’m done with principal photography aka shooting with pro camera Nikon D5 and wanted to put it in the backpack. Lazy enough to take off mine, I opened my cousin’s backpack and placed it in there. While stopped to untangle my dogs leashes I saw with the corner of my eye, like in the slow motion, how my camera felt off from backpack on the ground.

My heart stopped, literally! How it’s even possible?! Why did it falls down? How did backpack unzipped by itself? That’s just crazy.

I picked camera up and started to inspect it, if everything is broken or I have a slight chance for recover it.Camera didn’t shoot! I tried not to panic but it was beyond upsetting. I try different settings and noticed that auto focus stopped working, tried manual setting and camera started to snap. Then I noticed my lens is shaken , took the lens off to inspect it and saw that screws which is holding metal ring on the end of the lens got a little loose. Since I saw that camera body is ok, everything was functional, I exhale a little bit. So, now my last hope was if I screwed those loosened screws back, lens might work again. I crossed my finger so hard, it started crumping.

When I got home, immediately tried different lens to see that everything is shooting right?! Thanks God, Yes it was!

Than i tighten it up all loosened screws and made a shot, Yes, manual focus worked good, now I switched to Auto and snapped- Yes! Auto focus worked too. I dodged the bullet with this accident. And I’m the one who always praising gear protection. One stupid mistake and I paid for it. It could’ve be worse and beyond repair.

Learn my lesson! Always protect your gears, especially the most expensive one!

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