Do not leave your pets behind.

Twitter spreading the words about pets safety when people were ordered for mandatory evacuation from flooding zone. Everyone begging do not leave your pets behind. Yet many videos showed pet rescue operations underway. Its heartbreaking view. What kind of people would leave their pets while saving themselves?! I’m furious! It’s a betrayal to run away and leave your dogs behind. I wouldn’t give rescued pets back to those people!

Maybe for someone I’m sound too judgmental but I have my own experience with hurricane to share. I survived Sandy. I live in the zone B and they didn’t asked us to evacuate but when water started to rise rapidly, it was coming like tsunami with force. We had only minutes to get our valuables and run.

Guess what was our first priority? My dog Chester! He doesn’t like water and probably would’ve panic so we took big bag for him and in another bag I did put my camera and lenses. That’s it! By the time we got to the front gate, water was neck deep, basement, first floor and walk in apartment was already flooded and garage door was gone. We thought that our car was probably gone too, so we decided to go to the higher ground, up on the street somewhere to safety. As we began to move we saw how water started receding just as rapidly as it comes. Fortunately for us, water didn’t return and we stayed home.

So, please DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS BEHIND! Airlines waving its fee, hotels accepting the pets now too, so as shelters.

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