Rain is my kind of weather

Shooting location done ✅

Rain mist become my kind of weather recently, just because when it’s time to go out – there is a rain. And mist is the worst…

First day of Autumn starts to bring more colors

Why it’s my kind you ask? Well, I refuse to give up for shitty weather lol no matter what I’m up for adventure. It’s might be a very short adventure, depends on severity of weather but adventure nevertheless.

Atheas aka Lil’Atie and Theo

My boys are also enthusiastic about it! I said them in the morning that I’m planning to go for a little hike and they’ll go too and Atie checked on me every other minute if it’s time to go?!


We didn’t go too far and also didn’t expect to see that path has more to show and it’s more that 2 hours hike, beautiful, lots of spots for photoshoots but…. we’re soaked trough.., like I said mist is worst than regular ☔️ rain. It’s unstoppable and makes you always underestimate its wetting (lol) power!

We turned back to the parking lot with decision to return when weather permits to go on full hike. Bring hiking boots also was noted.

Rain or no rain, we were fascinated by beautiful nature with amazing colors of early Fall.

What is it? Anybody?

What a beautiful flowers 🌸

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