Hockey is back

We didn’t prepare to go to the game today, but opportunity strikes and we are, despite both of us have a flu, took our Devil’s horn and jumped in the car

Parked in our favorite parking garage on the 4th, next to the sky bridge.

The minute we stepped in Prudential we were overwhelmed by warm welcome of all arena workers that we met last season! Everyone excited to see us and I should say feelings were mutual.

We felt like we returned home to our family, Devil’s fans family is awesome.

Another shutout for Keith Kinkaid!

Keith Kinkaid is first ⭐️of the game

I was surprised how Dallas Stars played though. Completely unorganized and seems like they first time on the ice.

Devils’s boys were brilliant! We’re missed them all!

Good to see John Quenneville joined the team!

My shining star Miles Wood wasn’t that shiny tonight’ Poor babe was injured last game. Didn’t stop him anyway, he was fast as usual and had a fight! With Jamie Benn! Really? I understand there is always going to be a fight but maybe if you missing three top teeth from last game and and still visibly hurt than maybe, just maybe you’ll take an easy for couple of games?!

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