Game Day

Couldn’t miss game when my two favorites team playing against each other

Impossible to choose, so we decided don’t wear any jersey and Keep it neutral.

NJ Devils vs. NY Islanders

Had a chance to say happy birthday to fan fellow lol Vikki

Saturday game in Barclay reminds us why we not trilled to be in this venue.

Suits as we called people who don’t give a damn about hockey and got tickets for free! They are ruin the game, the atmosphere and act like an idiots. Same scenarios all the time – late to the game, disrespectful to the players, disrespectful to the other fans. There is a certain unwritten rules, you don’t ask fans (who’s come early to claim the good spot) to move away just because you have tickets for this seats, it’s a freaking warmup! Than they are just sit in those seats, during warmups! Get your ass up! This is how we are greeting players! It’s not cirque … ughh. You can tell that they are freeloaders, especially you can tell that when you are full season tickets holders. They are all act like monkey who are surprised when they see those glass seats, whole game they keep making selfies, and texting whole game to impress their friends! Yep, I see it on every game, different people, same act!

Guess what! For me it’s beyond upsetting when I know that I paid whole freaking price for whole season, and I see bunch of people on the same spot having it for free! Oh, I know it, believe me, they are all bragging about it aloud! Organization give away most expensive tickets to fill out empty spaces for TV! So! Basically I paid with my own money for all those free seats for them to monkeying around! To say that I’m pissed 😤 is to say nothing! All those promised elite tickets holder benefits are nothing … not one of them were fulfilled! None of them! Another point of my Anger: if I couldn’t make on the game and willing to sell my tickets … ha-ha! Not going to happened! Who’s is stupid enough (just me probably) to buy it if they can get it for free!

I swear I would never going to be season tickets holder again! Maybe, just maybe when they build new arena! Because I’m not looking forward to stay in traffic from Brooklyn to Nassau Coliseum! And Barclays is just an option.

Thanks god for Prudential Center and my love to Devils. Every time we are there is delightful! I love Devils fans family!

Now, steam is off, Back to the game.

Miles Wood 😍 -Love him
His usual place in every game (
Kid who’s won the trophy 🏆

Tito wears new number 18 instead of 72. I don’t like it! He is playing in wrong line (imho) and have much less ice time!

Game was finished with shutout 0-3. Islanders won absolutely deservedly. Devils a little bit lost . I don’t know what but they don’t look cohesive, something going on inside the team .

Anyway good to see everyone!

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