White Witch Kiss

Today’s Elixir is all about power of White Witches. I call it Elixir and not perfume, bcz elixir is not just fragrance in the bottle, its a magical potion that also have medicinal power. Although I don’t grade power -!white and black, this elixir feels like white.

I carefully calculated every drop of essential oils that I choose. In right ratio proportion (base-middle-top)

First Elixir I recently created has energizing power. Its very addictive I would say, I can’t stop smelling it. 😀 White Witch Kiss is more like a blessing, wish-come-through kind of elixir. It has light floral/woody notes that fills you up with ”all is going to be ok” feelings.

I couldn’t keep Theo away from the process. He insisted to see everything and and smell it! He loves it!

He is my little helper, it’s not like I’m surprised but to see his involvement is fantastic!

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