Passionate Alchemist

I’m falling in love into essentials oils more and more! I want to learn more about it, create new new accords, smell more… I’m really hungry for this kind of knowledge.

Today I visited Enfleurage in Manhattan. I felt like I’m in heaven. My nose wanted to smell every essentials oils available! Believe it or not I did.

Before ordering I wanted to check fragrances first. Some of them that I choose to check it at home -didn’t pass my test and I didn’t buy it for now. Another one I liked I bought.

It left very aromatic hole in my budget but I’m very happy!

Made new White Witch KISS 💋 formula, this time doubled it. Many asking for sample. I’m actually not shy about It bcz it smells amazing! So as soon as it done to be fully blended in each other, I will make little samples. Now it will stay in dark places for at least couple of weeks.

And also made green accord, seems that I like it but next time I have to easy up on Thyme oil it’s too powerful, must dilute it first before add it to any other elixir.

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