Would I write screenplay?

I have this movie in my head for long time, some of it just bits and pieces and some of scenes I see absolutely clear and vivid. The whole idea from beginning to the end is settled too. I’m thinking if I don’t have any idea how to write a script should it stops me from doing it? And than my friend Jessica inspired me and encouraged me to try it anyway!

This movie 🎥, since I see it as a movie and not a book, about one Oiorpatas clan, whole other world knows them as Amazons. Not those Amazons as Hollywood trying to portray them, not mythical but real ones. As one of descendants I feel like I should bring sense of truthfulness and maybe somehow to stop misrepresentations of who they were in real life.

Tons of most recent archeological researches have proved of their existence, and I will use real historical event that happened in ancient time and will try to make them as alive as possible. I would have to warned you that they shouldn’t be judged by present morals, they were barbaric as you can get and I don’t want to sugarcoat the history or their antics.

This story is about Thais- oldest daughter of the Head of Oiorpatas clan. Oiorpatas ( translated as a men killers) were mercenaries and were hired by Greek city settlement located on Tanais river to protect city from hostile attacks of nomad tribes. They were also been part of Scythian/Sarmatians tribes and fought alongside with them in wars.

This Story is about woman warrior that questions her role in life if she is destined to be only warrior, if she only destined to kill. She wants more…she wants love

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