New spring fragrance, anyone?

I always want new perfume in the spring. The problem is that I have already so many… and since spring flowers is the most flowers i like and love, its really difficult to surprise me with something that would spark my imagination and I will fall in love with it!

This time I choose to test Kilian perfumes. Somehow I didn’t come across it before. Knew about them but never tried or have wish to try. When I read that perfumes made in time-honored tradition and promised that I wouldn’t be disappointed. I thought – Hmm…👌 Ok! I’m convinced! Let’s see what it could offers!

Names of some were naughty enough to spark my interest! Like Good girl Gone Bad, Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi, Playing With The Devil,

Neiman Marcus store didn’t carry them and I found it in Bloomingdale.

Long story short, tried and found that I’m truly disappointed with all of them. Especially with Good Girl gone Bad There is no breakthrough in olfactory… Though just one seems interesting enough to get sample to think twice is Moonlight In Heaven.

For me it’s a Salty air mixing with scents of powdery mango/citrus orchard. I couldn’t say that I like it or not like it. Just need more time. Delicate and intriguing first notes get swallowed by fruity sweetness which is no-no for me. But will see , maybe tomorrow I’ll say something different.

Where to find:

Moonlight in Heaven. – 50ml – $295

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