Playoff is on.

I wish I could say I’m thrilled that New York Islanders Is in playoffs. I mean, I’m and I’m not surprised that Islanders in Playoffs but I wish I could have more emotion for this amazing event. And this is amazing, nevertheless!

Last year I would’ve died out of excitement.

Now, it’s really difficult for me to watch the game or be happy when I’m not.

My grieving completely took over me. I miss my Atie way to much to even have a little enjoyment in life right now.

He loved to be a fan

I don’t expect everyone would understand, I don’t need it. It just me and my pain.

Before, when I was feeling low, hockey was my happy 💊 pill, not now though and this is not a hockey fault. I just need some time for myself.

So many things got wrong, so many people got me wrong, so I’m taking my time off from everything and everyone.

But, even if I don’t watch the games I’m still following the news and NHL update keeps me on my toes.

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