Aventus by Creed

Discovered this perfume about 4 years ago. It’s an amazing fragrance, so innovative and sensual. I fell in love with it right away.

Unfortunately this review is mostly about how popularizing niche perfume could get wrong. Because Aventus become popular by mass! Could you imagine any other perfume that cost $435 for 100ml would end up on the shelf almost every man on Earth. Well at least it looks like.

Exclusivity of Aventus starts to disappear with every other man on the street that smells exclusively the same. Gorgeous fragrance but everyone The Same? I began suspect that Aventus about to become new Drakkar Noir!

Once I had seat behind a family from Italy 🇮🇹 in Madison Square Garden. Men in this family, from old to a young used year supply of Aventus for whole Italy on themselves. By the end of a show I was close to faint.

Bad news : Needless to say that I can’t stand this magnificent perfume anymore!

Good news: At least men have a good taste now!

Ok, now, don’t listen my whining 😀 if you never tried Creed’s Aventus, go and sample it! Thank me later!

Where to buy:

Neiman Marcus

100ml – $435

50ml – $325


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