Night Stock Tincture

Waited till my night stock going in full bloom. Decided to make a tincture out of it.

I always loved night stock. My mom used to grow it on our balcony. It opens in the evening time and smells divine. A little different than the one I have right now. My has a scent that reminds me of acacia blossom fragrance.

I always thought that flowers are white but it’s a very light shade of lilac.

Have a helper, my favorite 🐌 snail.

Flowers need to be wilted for about 30 minutes

And than covered with solvent (50% of alcohol and 50% water )

Now, i’ll wait to see the result.

On the other hand I have another tincture to be made. I have dry Mimosa, soon i’ll have my wisteria blossoms, and later rosa! I have plan for them all!

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