Memorial Weekend. Day 1

When you think: oh, you just need to visit Costco to replenish some things. And than you remember that you have to stop by at Lowe’s! And than ooopsie … half of the day is gone! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Honestly, I hate to waste my free time like that. I prefer to go somewhere to see beautiful nature.

Speaking of beautiful nature, since I’m not traveling, I’m fortunate enough to have my beautiful nature right in my backyard. Today was an Irises day! All of them is in the bloom!

I finish planting my herbs garden with tarragon, lemon pepper and lemon cucumber! I have no idea what’s lemon 🍋 cucumber?! But I really curious to find out! 😀

After long and seems to be tiring day, shashlik or you may call it chicken kebab, will be a nice treat!

Theo agreed.

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