Theo – time on the beach

Today was first time for Theo’s first swimming lesson. Finally water was warm enough.

Not many beaches allowing dogs to stay on the beach. Plus its a pebble beach! Could you imagine dog after day on the sand? …you don’t want that..🤣

Thankfully Truman Beach has small area that don’t belong to anyone and whoever knows about that place could come and spend some time up there

He did great, really proud of him. Panicked at first but I hold him underneath chest and he finally found his balance and his little bottom stop keep drowning. Looks like he started to like it, since he didn’t fun away when we invite him in.

I’m so happy to see him having fun because he has difficult time to adjust himself to the world after his brother passed away. Me and him together actually trying to figure it out that magical coping mechanism… I think happiness cold be the answer. I’m trying to be happy and positive for Theo, no matter what!

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