Summer in North Fork

Seems like we spending our summer on North Fork entirely.

I don’t miss Hamptons at all. Ok! Maybe East Swallow restaurant but in general- not so much!

I always loved North Fork surroundings. Somehow it looks like a different country – France perhaps? Lavender by the Bay has lots of to do with that image.

To watching Theo getting used to water is priceless experience. Feels like he finally enjoys himself. He is not afraid of waves anymore. Don’t go far yet but there is a progress.

He also gets comfortable with rules of “how to behave on the beach” so when he is done with swimming sesh, he is finding shade and trying to get some sleep.

He collecting sticks around and looks like stick hoarder. Cute stick hoarder 😁

It’s not only about Theo but also about us too. We feel very much at home here.

Greenport is so inviting and friendly and what’s most important is pet friendly! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Theo showing his best behavior under the table !

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