Wall of wishes.

Opportunity presented and I went to the City. Rare occasion when I wanted to walk on the streets of Manhattan. Today was the day.

Saw Wall of the Wishes called Dream it real, and it’s interesting to know what people nowadays wish for.

Next to it table with sticky notes and markers. Make your wish I said it to myself.

I was reading other first and it was mostly: I want to be reach, I want to married rich …

What’s your dream? – asked the wall and suddenly I felt like that is a real thing and whatever I wish for will come true. During realization- I asked myself again do I really wish for petty things? It’s not like I’m oppose to have it, I knowing that wishes do come true, but how they will come true not always desired.

It’s quite philosophical… if you want light version, I would suggest to see brilliant comedy “Bedazzled” with Elizabeth Hurley and Brendan Fraser to get the idea that the one who makes your wishes come true, has a wicked sense of humor…

To write my wish didn’t take so long, I took sticky note and wrote my wish! Is it silly to feel like I’ve accomplished task to save the world 🌎? Jk. – or maybe not? If Wall of wishes is real …

Than here is mine! 👇🏻

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