Sweet Home Niagara

Sweet feelings when you cross the border: Home, sweet home!

Unbelievable day, warm and Sunshine created double rainbow that stay all day above Niagara River .

I even took my camera out. Gosh it’s heavy! Thanks to my Spider holder it’s very comfortable to keep it in your hand.

Niagara Falls looks interesting from Canada side and that’s all. From America’s side you can not only see but experience Niagara up close!

You can feel power of crushing water , you can actually try water because it’s right in front of you!

So, if you ask me what side is better I’ll patriotically and proudly say- American side.

And also if you ask me what better time to visit Niagara – I would suggest early in Fall just like today. Crystal clear air (it’s not humid as it use to be in summer) makes golden colors shimmer in the Sun!

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