There is new brand on the market for artists with very inexpensive products.

I couldn’t believe that 60 watercolor tubes premium quality could cost $34! Considering and competing prices for one tube of very famous watercolor art supplies, such as Old Holland, Schminke, Sennelier, White Night… Some of them goes for $17 per 2ml little tubes!

High prices are the reason behind why I can’t buy some additional colors I wish to have but it not necessarily.

My painting style don’t require to mix colors I want to have it premixed already as an option to have consistency in painting.

Arteza offers all that my list wish for just $34 and I finally agree to try it.

I’m surprised how good are these watercolor, added nude tones colors for painting the skin, some additional blue and pink range, also yellow

Pigments are bright and vibrant, transparence also good ! So I would highly recommend Arteza after all!

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