What’s for Christmas dinner?

I love to cook. I mean it’s fun for me, never burden. If you ask me – Do I want to be a chef? -I would say – ´No! But ask me if I ever dreamed to date a chef – Absolutely!

Maybe I already mentioned that I wanted to cook Pheasant for Christmas but my mom convinced me not now but to try next time.

So I will cook my most favorite choice of poultry- Goose.

Since I decided to decorate this Christmas in vintage style of 50s I want to look up for recépé in 1946 “The American Woman’s Cook Book”

Would love to see suggested menu for year of 1946.

Hmm 🤔 What is plum pudding? Gotta look it up! But I think Bread pudding would be great for desert !

I would substitute String beans for asparagus or maybe not, we’ll see

Also would like to see more modern version of chosen dishes , because presentation is very important part in every meals preparation!

So I choose for now:

– Roasted goose with butternut squash purée

– Devils eggs

– Bread pudding

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