Spa Time

I think I’m about to start my post with quote from famous movie – “I have tradition- on December 31 my friends and I going to sauna.”

Because I’m doing actually the same. Well, not on December 31st but today. Since last time I was here on December 2018 I could say – It’s become annual tradition to scrab old dirt off of shoulders (so to speak ☺️)

I love authentic Korean jimjilbang (spa) and not Americanized version Spa. Koreans using spa time as a family time and when you there it feels homey , like family réunion

I’m not a fan of party time in spa and lots of people. Spa time is for rejuvenation and relaxation not for freaking party.

I love this room where you can lay down in comfortable recliner and breath therapeutic fresh mountain air with cedar oil. If I could compare freshness of the air, I would say it’s smells like air on lake Tahoe in April.

There is many spa room with different materials on the wall and different temperatures for particular therapy for your body: gold, amethyst, mineral , salt , ice, traditional yellow mud Korean spa (very hot!)

Àlso as huge fan of Korean cuisine I love to have lunch there.

Variety of Korean pickles…mmm I could eat full bowl of kimchi

Important part of whole experience is Full body scrub and massage.

The 90-minute body scrub involves not just a head-to-toe exfoliation, but also a shampoo, massage, and a cucumber facial

Believe me it’s not for fainted heart but well worth it! You will feel like brand new person after vigorous and unmerciful scrub and massage.

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