Life is short. Do what you love to do.

My love for hockey was put on hold for way too long.

Yes, prices are biting my valet right now but I’m willing to pay to see the game from time to time up close, within first 7 row just as I would prefer to see it otherwise I would’ve be on my couch watching it on TV.

I want to see raw emotion of the game, player’s reaction on each other, on moments, etc – you can’t see it and experience the same while you sit on higher levels

We were pleasantly surprised that everyone missed us there : fans that we already knew, ushers and some players(!) and team assistants. We got hugs or waves from everyone.

We are sure missed Prudential very much as well! There is so much comfort here like nowhere else. Feels like home!

Tonight is Ring Give Away because NJ Devils honoring the 2000 Stanley Cup championship team!

NJ Devils meet Dallas Stars and I texted my Dallas friend right away that we missed her green hair here tonight ! She wanted to be here today but she can’t I’m sure I would get her chirping throughout whole game though … lol

Patty and Nate before ceremony

Here is my favorite 😊 #44 I’m really proud of him being on top line, hated that old couch didn’t let him show his full potential.

Game is much better with drinks 😊 Also I don’t know why – but once you stepped in to Prudential halls , you’ll want those delicious chicken nuggets and curly French fries! We couldn’t help ourself it really is delicious!

Time is up for the game!


So much fun! Even if we lost 🤷🏻‍♀️ Chardonnay and Natalie’s mango-peach cocktail added more charms to our cheerful Eve.

Time to go home to little Theo, he is waiting! He is very vocal about us leaving him home alone – I’m sure we will hear it tonight too!

Thank you NJ Devils for your hospitality and warm welcome back!

We are right here 👆🏻

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