Rare moment of happiness happening when I’m leaving all problems behind the door. In this case literally behind the Prudential doors.

Thanks to wonderful application Gametime I could afford to buy a tickets for very bargain price last minute.

I’m not kidding about last minutes, I looked and found $38 tickets I have 40 minutes to decide and leave the house since driving to NJ is take a lot of time .

We are a little frustrating because we couldn’t find horns – misplaced somewhere … at least we found jerseys

Of course we stopped on our way for glass of wine 😄

Boo to the LA Kings

When we in the house they are always win! We don’t have any doubt that we bringing good luck 👍🏻 lol At least we wanted to believe it

And NJ Devils win against the LA Kings! 3:0

Cheers 🥂

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