Rented and saw movie Judy today. I wanted to see work of Renee Zellweger portraying Judy Garland and Oh, boy she’s delivered amazing performance.

Renée deserved her Oscar like nobody else, Brad Pitt for example. Don’t get me wrong I think Brad is terrific actor but he should’ve got an Oscar for many other roles but not for this supporting role in Once upon a Time in Hollywood, when his support was literally just being there…

Watching life of Judy was really difficult for me. People with alcohol addiction surrounded me my whole life. I’ve experienced whole full range of emotions about this problem from anger to compassion many times, back and forth! I’m still ambivalent about either I could accept it as disease or still think about it as human weakness… it is very frustrating to feel that whatever you do to help is not enough! The person you’re helping to should be willing to get help himself/herself too!

People around Judy , her mother, studios …all are to blame that she died at age of 47 because they are failed her. Could’ve , should’ve…

Renée portrayed Judy’s tragic and traumatic life so well I end up crying.

I guess it’s a confirmation of Oscar worthy movie because the last time I cried , I was watching the movie “Schindler’s List”

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