International Women’s Day!

The Reason behind whole international women’s day is long lost in Russia. It’s not associated with movement of women’s right anymore it’s all about just women.

On 8 March all women, including little girls expect tons of gifts and flowers. This day becomes as celebration of Womanhood – just like Mothers Day in America.

This day is very important for men to get it right otherwise they would be in trouble…

8 March always smells like Mimosas, tulips, and wild violets.

Violets always was my favorite. Itty bitty bouquet has amazing scents of fresh air and snow that already started to melt

Here is info about real reason for this holiday:

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year around the world. It is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights. After the Socialist Party of America organized a Women’s Day in New York City on February 28, 1909, German delegates Clara Zetkin, Käte Duncker and others proposed at the 1910 International Socialist Woman’s Conference that “a special Women’s Day” be organized annually. After women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917, March 8 became a national holiday there. The day was then predominantly celebrated by the socialist movement and communist countries until it was adopted by the feminist movement in about 1967. The United Nations began celebrating the day in 1977.

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