Masks crafting

I couldn’t wait much longer for masks. Amazon have delivery date – end of May! Ridiculous. I could sew it myself!

Bought wrong size bed sheet a long time ago and forgot to return it. Now it’s time to do a good deeds for it!

Made template and started whole process. Front side enforced with backing material and back side had openings for filter insert. Where do i get filters? – I have lots of puppy training pads – I could use it.

I didn’t sew for years but still remembered. Don’t look to close on some stitches I couldn’t force myself to redo it 😹 it’s strong enough despite it looks

I don’t have an elastic band, decided to be resourceful – gotta sacrifice sexy lingerie 🤷🏻‍♀️

Elastic seems good enough

Decorated mask with some iron-on embroidery I had.

And voila! – Fashion forward respiratory 😷 masks.

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