Return to motherland

Year ago I was on the plain on the way to my hometown -Rostov-on-Don.

I couldn’t say that I was over-emotional about the fact that I’m returning after many years of absence. My mind was in distress about other things in my life.

Going away gives me chance to look at the situation from aside.

First I must to give a shout out to Aeroflot, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with their customer’s service! Just wow! Makes me proud to see how they treated passengers. Yes , I would’ve expect it for international flight but domestic.. just really… they not only want to serve you, but also want to please you! Imho They’ve succeeded! I think I will be back with a post about international travel tips from my experience in another post.

Now when I saw that we already close to the final destination and plane began descending, I recognized familiar landscape, I started to feel something warm, something mine, something that really deep in my blood, something that made me feel that this is a place where I belong.

I stepped outside and said to myself – I’m home.

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