Do you belive in magic?

I adore violets. Violet based perfumes are my most favorite ones.

I always dreamed about growing it in my garden but knowing how delicate is Viola Odorata and my garden not having shadowy spot, much needed for violet, i always stopping myself from buying expensive seeds or potted plant.

Yearly in the this spring in conversation with my friend I told her that I would love to make my own Violet water from my own flowers.

Also wherever I’m hiking always looking around if I could find a wild one.

And what did I found today in my strawberries box! I’m in shock! How? There is no possible explanation for how Wood Violet appear to be growing like that!

All I can say is that magic is real! If you dreamed about something real hard – a miracle of manifestation going to work! I truly believe in it!

so now it is the new pot and it’s blooming – I’m happy!

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