Chocolate kolbasa

It may seems that Joy of trying pastries from the past invoke other childhood culinary memories.

Chocolate kolbasa was very popular choice of sweets. Easy to make and unbelievably delicious. I used to do it when I was in middle school.

Long story short, here is a recipe for Chocolate Kolbasa :


Cookies, Sugar, Butter, Cacao, 1 egg

– Cramble cookies in small pieces into big bowl

– In another bowl mix melted 150 grams of butter, 100 grams of sugar, 3 tb. spoon of Cacao, 2-3 drops of vanilla extract and 1 egg.

– Add crumbled cookies into chocolate and mix it together.

– Put everything into plastic Ziploc, form and shape mixture into sausage and place it in Freezer.

Give it like 30-40 minutes and it’s ready.

P.S. As an option you can add nuts, I didn’t because I don’t like combination cookies and nuts. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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