Spring in Yellowstone. Part 1

Today, I’m traveling through Yellowstone National Park. Virtually of course.

I had the privilege to visit Yellowstone in spring, winter and autumn seasons. Every season has it’s own advantages. Now it’s Spring time in Yellowstone.

Due to high elevation winter is not in the rush to leave Yellowstone. Many roads that have been closed since October is open now.

Weather is very fickle: could change from sunshine warm to ice cold within 30 minutes.

Locals forbidding tourists to say words S… ❄️ not to jinx it.

Even so, there is advantages of coming to Yellowstone in Springtime season:

First, there are far fewer people than in summer. So you’ll have your chance to get a more intimate experience with nature and your pictures wouldn’t be ruined by curious tourists. Technically, I’m that curious tourist but have professional equipment in your hands makes you feel more superior. I’m kidding of course.

Second, The abundance of wildlife around is absolutely mind-blowing. As the park awakens after a long winter, you may catch a glimpse of baby bison, elk, bighorn sheep lambs, and bear cubs.

Every now and then, I’ve had a moment of cuteness overload by watching this little baby bisons.

and third, fresh greens and first flowers is a camera-ready to wow any seekers of nature beauty!

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