Trader’s Joe

I’m trying to visit Traders Joe for at least couple of month. Didn’t happened up until today when I said to myself: Im not gonna take No for the answer and no matter what I’ll go there.

Just 15 minutes away from the place I visited today in Long Island.

Theo didn’t object my decision and 12 minutes instead of 15 later , we were on parking lot of Traders Joe.

Yes, it’s was social distancing line but not overwhelmingly long, I think I waited about 20 minutes.

I procrastinated visit this store for long time because I thought it’s just as unreasonably expensive as Farway or Whole Food.

Prices caught me by surprise. I think I looked pretty insane when I started hyperventilating when I saw prices on Flowers! $8 for 5 peonies bouquet or $4 for tulips? Now, get ready … $15.96 for exotic orchids?! Are you kidding me ?

Bought bunch of goodies and together with $48 for 3 beautiful Miltonias orchids I paid total $156. Unbelievable.

Apothéose was flatbread pizza which is exactly how I like it!

And look at the flowers !

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