Strawberries field forever

I still wonder, how come I never went for strawberries picking? This is first time i did it and feel ashamed I haven’t done it before!

Unless you are farmer who is growing strawberries on your field, you can’t buy ripped berries anywhere. Many blaming store bought strawberries to be tasteless it is true but It’s not strawberries 🍓 fault.

If you would’ve been businessmen Would you put ripped berries in the boxes and transport it somewhere? I don’t think it would be wise decision. Strawberries would turn into mush by the end of the trip and you’ll lose your money. So that’s why green berries getting their colors on the way to the markets while being transported in the trailers.

That’s why berries picking is one of favorite activities of people here. They want to have a choice to visit strawberries field with families and find out what real strawberries taste like!

No doubt, You’ll get your pretty strawberries and will enjoy incredible scent and delicious taste!

I got mine at Von Thun’s Farm.

Very cute farm! I’ll be back for blackberries 😊 pretty soon ! Look at this beautiful brunches!

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