Watkins Glen

I was planning a trip to Watkins Glen Park for the last couple of years. Because dogs are not allowed on the trail was the only reason why I hesitated.

As soon as a quarantine grip started to weaken, I was on the way up to the north.

Little Theo was left at hotel room, I calculated 2-3 hours away will be fine with him.

View didn’t disappointed and so is the trail. No dog on the trail policy is absolutely understandable since the trail itself is very narrow and have a millions steps up and of course down . It didn’t stop many hikers from bringing their dogs with them … really, this policy mostly protected the dogs owners not dogs.

Dogs will do ok on the trail, they will be dirty and muddy, mind that is waterfall around, dogs owner however will experience struggles with constant attention to the dogs handling and keep it away from people that will be marching up and down as unstoppable force. The place is very popular with peoples of all ages, so there is no point instead of enjoyment to see all the beauty around you’ll be shielding your dogs constantly. Not worth it

Luckily for us, rain did stop many from coming over and we could take a pictures of places without people presence. There is no chance it could’ve happened if the weather was good.

Unbelievable views like that worth all those millions steps ups, but don’t overestimate your strength while adrenaline rushing trough your blood, remember those steps up will turn into steps down on your way out, and if you think steps down is easier – you are for a quite a surprise! 😈

Just enjoy the view.

At some point I thought this place besides being fantastically beautiful also resembles terrifying scene (when people fought with giant insects ) from King Kong movie

But than I looked around and sighed

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