I think every artist always looking for next perfect paint 🎨 to work with. I’m the the same. I know I have one of the best watercolor paints, like St.Petersburg White Night and Old Holland but still looking for something else. For example I still want to have full set of Senelier watercolor and Schminke but knowing that very expensive I understand it not really necessary since I’m not using watercolor as a watercolor but mostly as mixed media.

For the last couple year I’m painting with pearlescent watercolor I must admit I love it. Unfortunately, since it’s relatively new media, all sets that I have already not included different shades of base colors which is helping to bring light and shadow to the object you are painting.

Tryout of alternative way to create a pearlescent watercolor by mixing regular watercolor with pearl watercolor wasn’t successful. Colors immediately looked washed out.

I found handmade half-Pan of pretty pearlescent watercolors on Etsy but price of $7.50 was way to stiff for me.

Frustrated to get better result for my paintings I thought if watercolor on Etsy is handmade, what stopping me from making my own paint.

With google help, I found out that the process is not complicated and I already have all needed ingredients, – pearlescent mica, gum Arabic and water. All I needed is to purchase additional bright colors I don’t have .

I needed more green tones and red/pink for flowers painting.

And today me and my clumsy hands made many pretties! Clumsy is very easy word to express me creation disaster. Mica was all over me, countertop and I pretty sure Theo will be pearl Theo tomorrow

Voila! I can’t wait to start to paint tomorrow

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