Fresh Herbs bouquet! Omg! It smells divine! I couldn’t stop inhaling this aroma!

Fresh from my garden! I mean I did it! Don’t mind my bragging but I still find gardening is quite a magic. Flowers or herbs that I grew are fascinating objects for me! You put in the soul itty-bitty green thingy and months later you have a bushes of this 👇🏻

If you ask me what’s in my herb bouquet? I will never tell you ! It’s top family secret! – Nah, just kidding!

So here is a list of herbs that I prefer to have in my garden for any occasion but bouquet is major reason

– Tomato leaves – scent of freshly plucked green leaves smells amazing, no wonder why it plays significant role in some of the famous perfumes notes such as Diptyque “Philosykos” or Sisley Eau de Champagne

And than add for full therapeutic effect the following:

– Pineapple sage

– Spearmint

– Basil

– Thai Basil

– Greek Oregano

– Rosemary


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