If you think it’s very unusual for me to write about Napoleon than probably because it is, unusual.

Finished watching movie “Napoleon and Josephine . A love Story” (1987)

with great actors (very underrated imho) Armand Assante and Jacqueline Bisset.

Napoleon was very notorious figure in History but this post is not about his life or his achievements but mostly rumors about him

Unstoppable military general with enormous ambitions compare to his height. By the way Wikipedia mentions his 5’6 was a average height for men that time period, so he didn’t look like a midget.

Conquered many countries , he was also famous for his ability conquering women hearts (and other parts of the body) with speed of light. He was irresistible and Women melted away in his presence.

I always found that fact as interesting. Considering that He doesn’t have look like womanizer, I wonder what exactly made women instantly to fall in love with him?

In 2003 I was visiting Fort Adams, located on Rhode Island on the day of the War Reenactment event.

Fort Adams was originally belong to French, maybe I mistaken but it was designed by French and everyone was spoken French during the re-enactment.

Watching everything with curiosity I suddenly stopped and saw this man with striking resemblance of someone I couldn’t figure it whom, up until I started to look at pictures.

To be brutally honest, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. My weakness of long haired men was justified right there.

This man has so much charm and character so I noticed that I’m not the only one who was smitten by him.

And I thought : Omg! He looks like Napoleon! Yes, He does !

Just look at this –

Left me wonder for a long time how everything is connected. Could he being Napoleon’s descendant? Why not, right?

I wonder…

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