Bread Pudding

There is a time, like today, when raining all day doesn’t inspire you to go somewhere to shop but you need something for tea.

Yes, this magical phrase “something for tea” includes tons possibility for dessert of any kind. Usually to bake anything is required to have will power- will that you don’t have ,so better buy some cake or pastries.

I remembered that I still have leftovers French brioches and decided to make bread pudding.

First, I cut brioches and place it in pan. Second, in bowl combined two table spoons of butter, sugar , two eggs and cup of milk mix it all together and pour over breads cubes.

put banana slices on top and sprinkled with sugar.

Bake in preheated oven 350-375 for about 34-45 minutes.

I also made sweet sauce.

I must tell you it was ridiculously delicious!!!

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