Ramble On by Fum

I have something to ramble about! My anticipation is over – Ramble On finally in my hand!

I’m long time fan of Miss Laila ,the amazing perfumer and just wonderful person, that stays behind perfume house Fum.

As soon as she announced her new artfully crafted creation I decided to get it right away! It’s based on patchouli and I was curious what could she create with that!

Ramble on is ode for patchouli. 100% Natural Extrait de Parfum (exactly like that), includes bouquet of eight aged patchouli varietals. Included is a 2006 vintage patchouli as well as an exclusive extra dark patch aged in oak caskets for five years. This perfume contains collections of patchoulis not available on the market anymore and is considered to be very special due to how long these patchoulis have been aging. There are only 33 bottles in existence. Each perfume is made,bottled, numbered and packaged by hand in Los Angeles, California

Other Notes: Pine, Patchouli, Tobacco, Molasses Accord, Open Road

I love patchouli- in my subconscious it’s deeply associated with love, motherly love. For me scent of patchouli is a stress reliever – it’s all about love, peace and happiness! And oh boy! Miss Laila delivered it just as it would played out in my head.

Fragrance is so versatile- you can use it the morning, day and night and it will still shine on different. I love heart notes that exuberantly calm and playful and in the same time gives you spark and spiciness in first opening notes!

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