Theo’s 5th Birthday

Today is my boy’s 5th Birthday! 👑 Each year we get him a store cake but this time I decided to make cake myself!

Decided to make entremet cake or Mousse Cake. Never done that before and wasn’t sure I was able to do it. Went trough many recipes, ingredients and panic of course and only than choose layers as follows -first layer – almond cake , second layer- blueberry mousse not sure but I think it’s called- coulies and third layer – white mousse.

Instead of mirrors glaze ( I’m not brave enough to do it) i piped buttercream icing flowers. Even though piping it is also my first time but somehow I’m more comfortable with buttercream.

It was great deal of shaken hands and nervousness about how would every thing work out or not. To my big surprise it did worked out great ! I did go to refrigerator though every now and than to poke the mousse if it’s hardened.

Theo already knew that cake is for him and couldn’t believe that he can lick the buttercream! I don’t think he was thrilled when he saw us eating it too! 😄 But as long as we share he was OK.

We finished the birthday evening with favorite Theo’s activity- watching movie! This dude and movies …

PS. Cake turned out to be very delicious! I can’t believe I did it! 😄😄😄

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