The Rings of Power

Finally I found the time to finish first season of the series. Got me so excited for the next season.

I love it so much that I would wait next season with great anticipation!

There is so much controversy about this series but honestly, this new race diversity brought so much shine to characters, I really don’t see why is it so much fuss about it?! True Tolkien’s fan please don’t throw slippers at me 🙏🏻 In my humble opinion whole casting is brilliant!.

I read it in review that fans called it perversion of Tolkien’s work – if so than I’ll be happy to call myself a pervert 😆

Shame to admit it but I never read Tolkien’s books because I thought it very boyish and very confusing for my taste but now I have all the books even Silmarillion and I’m ready to read it all while waiting for the next season of Rings of Power!

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