Strange case of broken bone

Have you ever broken a bone?

Once upon the time , I was snorkeling on Dry Tortuga, and about going out from the water when I saw cement block under water. Water was not to shallow to just overstep it and I did swim over it and in the end gave myself push from the block, by stepping my foot on the block , same second my toes just slipped down from the block – That’s it . I got up and went on the beach . I should mention that I was in swimming shoes, so Nothing significant happened.

Fun day was over, i celebrated last day of vacation and next morning I woke and suddenly felt pain in my big toe. I was surprised, couldn’t really understand how did I hurt it? Maybe shoes? I don’t know . Pain was tolerable and i started to getting ready for the road trip back home.

By the noon my toe doubled in size and pain was barely tolerated. I need brain storm to remember when possibly I could injure my toes . No time for hospital I took Tylenol and googled possible diagnostic. There was a picture that showed blue line around toes which mean that toes was fractured.

Long story short – this little insignificant human body part cause me three months of pain and discomfort! I couldn’t believe that! Three month in special shoe! And year without high heels!!!

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