Ninfeo Mio. Meant to be Divine.

Ninfeo Mio Annick Goudal
As I would mentioned before, I love to write the review and create my own editorial photo rendition.
Ninfeo Mio has a very unique personality. You’ll need this perfume to invoke the feelings of summer in the garden. Strong lush green notes are perfectly balanced with citrus and figs. Lavender note adds more Mediterranean feel to this fragrance.
Creators Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal used Gardens of the Hesperides – the goddess Hera’s mythical orchard as inspiration for their fragrance.
I can’t say that I would use this perfume every day, it does require a special summer mood. Just one splash and if you feel and sense divinity,I just want you to know, it was meant to be.
Ninfeo Mio is a truly unisex perfume.
Price: 50 ml/ $105
Available at:

Luckyscent :

GoutalParis :

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